About Us

The Partnership's aim is to develop golf in Leicestershire & Rutland.

We want  to :-

Bring people into golf - the young and not so young!

Hopefully this will lead to more people joining one of our excellent 32 clubs in the County

This in turn will create stronger and more successful Clubs.

Ian Lyner and Peggy Remington are the County Development Officers, led by England Golf's Senior Regional Officer, Sharon Heeley   - Contact them with any query, big or small.  Ian and Peggy are Leicestershire & Rutland people and their passion is to drive golf in the County.

Our drive is led by England Golf's strategy "Raising Our Game". The first 3 aims of which are :-

More Players - More Membes - Stronger Clubs

Work to do, but we'll get there.........................

 We look forward to working with you all.




Ian Lyner email: ianlynerlrcgp@icloud.com Mobile: 07773774604

Peggy Remington email: peggy.lrcgp@gmail.com Mobile: 07584137889
E-mail: lrcgp@hotmail.co.uk Website: http://www.lrcgp.org.uk

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