County Academy Program

The Leicestershire & Rutland County Golf Partnership runs the County Academy Program, to support the development of junior golf in the county for players that are not in the county elite squads.

The Academy offer children of all abilities the chance to get high quality coaching and personal development in golf.

The first Academy ran in 2009/10 for under 14 year olds with over 90 young people involved, increasing the depth of talent in Leicestershire & Rutland. Players involved had their own personalised player programmes, specifically designed to develop their golfing ability to its fullest potential.
Those involved receive coaching from some of the best coaches in the county.The program works on the basis of cutting edge theories in talent development and skill aquisition. It promises to challenge the young people and accelerate their development in Golf.
From 2013 upto 2017 the County Academy Programme changed to provides opportunities for junior golfers aged 14 to 18. 
Over the last few years many of the players from the County Academy Programme have progressed to play for the L&R County boys and girls Teams.   
Our CAP coordinator is Ian Lyner (PGA Professional). If you would like to enquire further about the CAP programme then please email
Ian Lyner email: Mobile: 07773774604

Peggy Remington email: Mobile: 07584137889
E-mail: Website:

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